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Cryptocurrencies Before They Moon
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Identifying cryptocurrencies before they moon is always a significant headache for crypto investors. You wake up one day and notice you’ve missed a crypto coin or token that recorded 1000 % growth and had no idea if the digital currency existed in the first place. These were sentiments experienced by cryptocurrency holders and investors who missed the boom experienced by Shiba Inu, Sandbox, or Aurox. For example, the Shiba Inu coin recorded an insane surge in price over a period of 12 months in 2021. The dog meme coin posted a 46,000,000% gain in its price implying if an investor had bought Shiba Inu worth even $10 this would have been a jaw-dropping return on investment.

As is common around the crypto space, there are new developments each day with innovators bringing you different tools and products that are essential to helping investors make the most out of the crypto market. One such tool that is proving beneficial to crypto investors and newbies alike is

Coinsbtm identified in full as “Coins Before They Moon” is a platform built for the cryptocurrency community both for use by crypto experts and newbies to introduce and rank new cryptocurrencies before they reach insane price levels. It is common for coins and tokens prior to hitting the limelight through listing on popular exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase have already made astronomical price movements. For instance, a coin or token may move from fractions of a cent prior to even nearing a dollar value. Therefore, Coinsbtm is a cryptocurrency ranking and discovery site that brings you all these coins and tokens before they list or are available anywhere in the crypto space.

Coinsbtm Solution to the Industry

There are over 22,000 cryptocurrencies available today and navigating such a market with the objective of finding a project worthy of investment and realizing immense returns can be overwhelming. Presently, resources available tend to focus mostly on already launched projects which means the market lacks a resourceful platform for the crypto gems before their launch hence, a lot of investors miss out on the magic associated with crypto tokens and coins before launch. More so, even with the present websites attempting to tackle this challenge, it is difficult for investors to rely on their fairness or objectivity.

Therefore, Coinsbtm is solving this industry problem by creating a platform with reliable and verifiable information plus statistics. They achieve this through modern technologies, a crypto tracker that helps in the discovery of new tokens and coins as well as creating a robust community around listed cryptocurrencies through a voting mechanism integrated into the website. It is your go-to platform with all the details of a project.

Features of Coinsbtm

  1. Coin Ranking

Coinsbtm has two sections on its website namely promoted and rank by popularity lists. Under both sections, you will find all information relating to a project including, coin name, symbol, badges, supporting blockchain network, market cap, price, 24-hour price change, token or coin launch date, and the number of votes garnered. Upon a user registering on the platform, one can access each coin’s or token’s respective card on the platform with a detailed description of the project, contract address, KYC, and audit information.

2. Token or Coin Listing Request

New projects are welcome to submit tokens or coins listing on the platform. A user with the intention of project listing will require to fill out a form available on the website and the information requested includes the logo, project name, symbol, network/chain, state whether the project is in the presale stage, contract address, a description of the project, launch date, website URL and social media network available. After a review of the information the coin or token appears under the “New Listings Section”. However, to have an official listing and rank by popularity on the platform a project must attract at least 500 votes from the crypto community.

3. Voting

Coinsbtm understands the importance of building a strong community around a project. It is one of the indicators of the possible success of a project in the future by having enthusiasts willing to associate with and support it. Hence, with all information available on the platform including individual due diligence, project supporters get an opportunity to show their support through voting and a coin or token with the highest votes ranks the highest at any given time. A project must attract at least 500 votes to rank by popularity on the platform.

4. Project Promotion

Coinsbtm has a special feature for projects interested to promote their coins or tokens on the platform. The team helps in the management of traffic, increasing the project’s brand visibility, and other services such as support for KYC, AMAs, and any other business-related support.

In the coming days, the team is keen on expanding its product features on the platform by introducing Learn to Earn where crypto enthusiasts participate in answering questions about a project or platform and earn cryptocurrencies in return. Incorporate Dapps to allow users to create new tokens, airdrop announcements, participate in presales, and purchase of new coins or tokens within the platform.

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